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Where did your passion for bridal fashion come from?

Fashion was always present in my life since my early age, knowing that I was born in a family passionate about bridal couture. However, I particularly felt involved in the world of fashion at the age of 16 when I started traveling with my mother to luxury couture markets to buy the top brands. This is where I discovered, not only the latest collections and trends of luxury brands, but also my immense love for this field. 

When, where and how was your label established?

EsposaCouture was founded in Lebanon in 2011 to create unique designs that impress through luxurious fabrics and embroideries. The purpose was to design every women’s look of love! 

What was the inspiration behind founding the label?

When I joined the family business after my studies and career abroad, I felt the need to bring my own input, to make a difference somewhere. This is when I started twisting or designing dresses based on my clients’ demands, adding this extra something they were desperately looking for. This is what gradually led to the birth and expansion of EsposaCouture, which has become today a full line that is being distributed worldwide.

What makes you different to other designers?

As I said, EsposaCouture took shape year after year, starting from the desire to cater better for the clientele I was assisting. And this is why today, I don’t think of only designing dresses, I think of designing love stories…

Where does the inspiration for your collections come from?

The inspiration comes with the creation process which starts naturally with brainstorming, and lasts for weeks inside our atelier. During this phase, we elaborate mood boards about the fabrics, the cuts, and the overall feel of the collection. The second phase witnesses the concretization of these boards into rounds of sketches from which we keep only our favorite. This is when execution starts in our atelier, bringing exquisite designs into life through the great craftsmanship of our workers.

Any Celebrity Clients?

I have designed and worked with many celebrities including Nadine Njeim, Amel Bouchoucha, Dana Wolley, Martha Graeff, Mina EL Sheikhly, and many other inspiring women.

Who would be your dream celebrity to dress for their wedding?

One celebrity that I wish I could have dressed on her wedding day is Grace of Monaco. Her incomparable elegance is a challenge by itself; it makes the idea of designing a bridal style that would match her distinguished look a unique experience that I would have loved to live. 

How do your designs make the bride feel?

I make sure she is certain about her choice because this is her wedding day and she should be happy yet comfortable with herself.

What’s the most important thing for a bride-to-be consider when wedding dress shopping?

The most important tip is to help her choose the right dress for her shape, personality, character and wedding theme or venue. She should be comfortable and happy and reflect who she is through her dress.

Do you encourage brides to try something very different to their normal style?

What a wedding dress looks like on the hanger or on a mannequin can look totally different with a real person wearing it! By trying on a selection of wedding gowns in each style will help her in deciding which direction she is heading in, for example strapless, full skirted or empire line. In eliminating the styles that she dislike or that don’t work with her body shape, it will help her narrow down her search, saving her effort and time. She should not be afraid of trying on what the consultant suggests even if it is not her idea of the perfect gown at first glance. Many times an experienced consultant can show her what will look best on her body. The most important thing is to find the gown that makes her look HER absolute best! She would want to accentuate her best features and disguise the areas that are her least favorite. When she is given the full look of love from the dress, topped with the headpiece and veil, she would be able to imagine herself on her wedding day which will definitely help her in choosing her dress according to what makes her feel comfortable and different. 

Tell us about your 2018 collection

Romance is aroused like never before with the Esposacouture Bridal 2018. With a desire to celebrate LOVE desperately, the newly launched collection surrenders to it completely in the most whimsical ways. Luxurious fabrics worked meticulously with intricate motifs, geometric patterns, illusion plunging necklines, and elegant beading fill the collection to make every piece unique for the versatile bride. The dresses present different cleavage options to suit all shapes and bodies.  

What are the chosen fabrics and why?

For the 2018 Collection, we have been inspired by the Geometric shapes. The collection is very light, modern, and what makes it are the chosen fabrics. We used French lace of high quality and soft touch along with French embroideries.  We also added some sparkling fabrics that are very classic yet elegant. The colors of the fabrics and the mood varied between the 3 tons of pink gold, vintage silver and light off-white. The fabrics were combined smoothly in the dresses and we have created for the first time our own embroidery, seen in Rachel dress, mixing abstract and geometric fabrics together, in a modern look and shape, adding a touch of sparkle.

Where are your gowns stocked?

Esposacouture gowns can be found in our Esposa Privé stores in Downtown Beirut and Dubai. Moreover, the collection is being sold worldwide in more than 15 countries including New York, Tokyo, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Taipei, Venice, Bucharest, Kuwait City, Moscow, Doha, and many more… 

What wedding theme are your gowns most perfect for?

This year we focused on the versatile bride, this is why every bride, no matter what her style is and no matter what her theme is, can find her dream dress in our collection! 
Moreover, looking at thousands of years of heritage and traditions, we notice that the Arab culture is one that resembles no other. Its women have a sophisticated taste that can be felt in the way they live, behave, and dress. Their love for life makes them open to new trends and cultures that they integrate in their lives in a unique way. That’s what makes them, in my eyes, versatile, confident and glamorous. They won’t settle for anything ordinary and they like to stand out, especially when it comes to fashion. This is exactly how they distinguish themselves, through a fusion of oriental and western styles that they master so well which is how my designs fits them perfectly

Do you have an accessories line?

This year we launched the accessories line of Esposacouture! Designed to complete every bride’s look of love, the handmade headpieces, bracelets, and earrings add a touch of extravagant romance that elevate every bridal piece in wonderful ways.