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A Luxurious Collection Shoot with Mona Kattan x Esposa Prive

For shooting its 2020 high-end bridal and evening collections, Esposa Prive collaborated with no one but beauty icon Mona Kattan, one of the founding sisters of the billion-dollar cosmetics line Huda Beauty. Designed by Kristie Romanos, the bridal princess gowns signed Esposacouture matched in their royal elegance and luxurious fabrics the sensual silhouette and opulent taste of Kattan. Published in Elle magazine, the photoshoot also featured evening dresses proposed by Esposa Prive Dubai where glittery oriental style blended with graceful cuts and a touch of classic elegance, revisiting night glamour. The final touch was brought by Tiffany & Co, adorning the gowns with matchless masterpieces of diamonds and precious stones, to elevate feminine romance to new heights.