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The Journey of a Dress

Before taking the shape of your dream wedding gown, a dress embarks on a long life journey to see the light. From a simple idea to a masterpiece, the creation process of a dress passes through many challenging phases involving a sheer amount of creativity, craftsmanship, and talent. Designed by Kristie Romanos, EsposaCouture’s bridal dresses are no exception. From the heart of their couture atelier, they take us through the five steps of creating a wedding dress.

1- The creation process starts with the designer sketching her inspiration to grasp the mood of the dress.

2- When the outlines become clearer, it’s time to draw the patterns. This is the foundation of any dress creation so the more the details are mastered, the better!

3- Finalizing the pattern is the first step towards making the wedding dress a reality. After that comes cutting the fabrics that our designer would had meticulously chosen.

4- Once all the material is ready, every talent inside the atelier is mobilized to bring the dress to life. The dress is sewed one part after the other by the expert hands of our technical team.

5- The last phase comes to adorn the dress with the final touches. Whether through intricately hand-worked beading or fine-tuning touches on the dress, EsposaCouture makes sure the end result is nothing short of a fairy-tale masterpiece.

EsposaCouture wedding creations are available at Esposa Prive bridal shops in Downtown Beirut and Dubai, in addition to a wide selection of bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns, and bridal accessories.

About Esposa
With a presence spanning over 30 years, Esposa is a luxury bridal boutique offering every bride-to-be a one-stop shop to find her perfect wedding look, from her dream gown to her wedding shoes and the accessories she needs. Esposa Group includes the EsposaPrive stores located in Downtown-Beirut and Dubai where bridal creations offer the choice between a multi-brand selection showcasing the works of international designers including Carolina Herrera, Viktor&Rolf and Monique L’huillier, and EsposaPrive’s own couture brand, EsposaCouture, as well as a wide evening segment and a selection of shoes and accessories. Esposa Group encompasses also the Esposa boutiques located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Verdun), and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, showcasing a multi-brand bridal collection in addition to own couture brand Plume by Esposa, an evening segment, and a selection of shoes and accessories.

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