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Kristie Romanos


It all started at a young age, or even before. Born in a family passionate about bridal couture, Kristie inherited her life vocation before even knowing.

Acquiring the art of sewing, and feeding her taste for fashion with family travels to luxury couture markets, she quickly became a pillar of the Esposa house. Coupling her love for fashion with international knowledge, she forged her way into the industry, creating her own signature.

Today, her line, Esposacouture, caters to the romantic and sophisticated couture queen, combining innovation with the vision of young talent.



2004: Ambitious about a career in bridal luxury, Kristie roamed the world to earn degrees in fashion marketing, fashion design, and bridal consultancy. 
2008: Kristie worked in multinational firms in London and Dubai where she acquired hands-on experience in bridal haute couture. 
2011: Kristie gathers her international knowledge and unconditional love for fashion to launch Esposacouture, the label that will make her an identified figure in the bridal couture world. Tailor-made for the romantic and sophisticated queen couture, Esposacouture quickly becomes the famous name behind the most enchanting wedding dresses that redefine the glamorous woman. 
2012: Esposacouture expands to Dubai after the big opening of Esposa Privé branch. 
2014: Esposacouture gains international exposure and recognition after participating in SposaItalia, Milano bridal week, and Barcelona Bridal Week.
2018: Esposacouture spreads to more than 15 countries around the world – including Milano, New York, Tokyo, and many more. Relying on unrelenting passion and mastery, the brand commits to crafting bespoke wedding dresses that tailor desires and make bridal dreams come true.


“Passion and determination are the keys of success. Its strongest testimony is the

excitement we see on the faces of our brides” – Kristie Romanos”